Our Services


sourcing and production

From purchasing fabric and product development to finishing and packaging, we take your designs and bring them to life. No matter the complexity of the project, we will make the process seamless from start to finish.



Have an idea but don’t know what to do next? Our creative team will help you take that idea from conceptualization to a graphic rendering that can later be used for production. We are also experts in graphic design and can help you with brand logos, graphics, and anything else to compliment your line.



In-house photography means that you will always have professional product shots that you can use for your website or marketing. We also have a network of lifestyle photographers to help you build a brand look book or create content for your social.


web development

You finished making your products but now you need a place to sell them. E-commerce has emerged to be the biggest marketplace for apparel sales and our team can help you build and maintain a fully functional online store to take advantage of this channel.